Indian Events in North Carolina

Nuns’ Visit on Phoenix in October 13th 2017 [12/06/2011]
Day of Service on Phoenix in October 21st 2017 [12/06/2011]
Lahiri Mahasaya’s Birthday on Phoenix in September 30th 2017 [12/09/2011]
4-Hour Meditation on Phoenix in October 7th 2017 [12/09/2011]
Janmashtami in Phoenix on August 14th 2017 [12/10/2011]
Day of Service in Phoenix on September 23rd 2017 [12/10/2011]
Lahiri Mahasaya’s Mahasamadhi on September 26th 2017 [12/10/2011]
All-Day Christmas Meditation on Phoenix in December 16th 2017 [12/16/2017]

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