Bharatanatyam classical dance classes

Bharatanatyam classical dance classes
05 Jan 2016


Bharatanatyam classes are being offered at Chandler AZ in the Pandanallur style by Archana Alagiri. Archana has been a Bharatanatyam practitioner for 19 years and had her initial tutelage in Chennai at Bharathanjali under the renowned Acharya Choodamanai Smt.Anitha Guha before moving to Chandler in 2007, where she has been a co-faculty at a local dance school for over 4 years. She is a recipient of multiple scholarships including the Bharat Kalachar scholarship for 3 consecutive years and the Iyal Isai scholarship from the government of Tamil Nadu. With performances in numerous prestigious platforms like the Shanmugananda hall in Mumbai, Archana has a passion for dance that is fueled by constant improvement and learning in allied fields like theory of rhythm in dance and stage lighting design. Interested students (adults and kids) are welcome to these classes where they will be exposed to disciplined and structured training at all levels - beginner, intermediate and advanced. Please contact for additional details.

West Ray Road , Chandler
(480) 543-0028
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